Creates Modified Atmospheric Packaging Sensor Array

The high speed K30FS and COZIR CO2 sensors are both capable of measuring CO2 levels every 0.5 seconds. But recently, an OEM client asked if we could sample even faster.

The application is called modified atmospheric processing, or MAP. 

MAP technologies are used throughout the food and pharmaceutical industries. For example, MAP is used to replace the atmosphere inside pill bottles with CO2 before sealing. Each bottle is filled, sealed against oxygen and tested for leakage at sub-second intervals on high-speed production lines. It is also used in meat and produce packaging, where oxygen is replaced with a combination of nitrogen and CO2 to guard against spoilage. 

To achieve the required CO2 sampling rates, engineers created a ring-array of five standard K30 CO2 sensors. Each sensor had a unique identifier on the bus so that it could be individually polled for CO2 levels. In this configuration, we were able to sample CO2 levels at 0.1 second intervals. 

“Our ring-array provides a whole new level of capabilities for MAP,” said Ray Hicks, President of CO2 “We’re proud to help make products safer for the public.” 

For more information on MAP sensing, contact Ray Hicks at

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