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2020 IBDEA Conference Recap

2020 IBDEA CO2Meter Conference Recap

What is "IBDEA" anyway?

Many of our CO2Meter customers know we belong to some of the most significant trade associations and exhibit at some of the biggest trade expos in the world. However, some people tend to raise their eyebrows when I tell them we are headed to the next show, the "IBDEA."

For those that are unaware, IBDEA stands for International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association. The IBDEA is a niche industry association for professionals that supply services and equipment to the restaurant, brewing, beverage, hospitality, and stadium industries. This includes bulk CO2 gas, soda syrups, BIB racks, machinery, and much more.

If you are looking to be at the forefront of all things in the beverage dispensing world, this is the place to be.

CO2Meter's other large annual exhibitions range from shows like the AHR Expo (Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration), CBC (Craft Brewer's Conference), and MJBIZCON (Marijuana Business Conference) whose combined shows attract more than 100,000 attendees annually. We bring industry-leading devices for each market including gas safety monitors, laboratory data loggers and even welding gas analyzers to demonstrate to current partners and educate new ones. 

This year, CO2Meter was proud to exhibit for the 8th time at the International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association Conference in Tucson, Arizona.

With humble origins in the original soda fountain and soda syrup industries, the IBDEA has grown to encompass an enormous breadth of industry experts and leaders. Some of its members have been producing, selling, and servicing their customers for more than 50 years! Everything from liquid CO2 and syrup to make soda, dispensers and bar guns, draft beer equipment, cleaning chemicals and dry ice machines can be found on the IBDEA show floor.

CO2Meter IBDEA Show Floor

CO2Meter 2020 IBDEA Booth 

One of the unique aspects of being an IBDEA member is the tight-knit nature of the association. This year's IBDEA Vice President David Whitney remarked, "This is a family. We might joke and fight sometimes - but we are still family".

Nothing demonstrates this more than the long-standing working and personal relationships that some members have developed.

"Having the ability to pick up the phone and call someone to ask questions and know you'll receive honest feedback is invaluable," said Scott Rosenbaum from Milcarb

The IBDEA annual conference is also a unique opportunity for CO2Meter to visit with a many of our long-time customers and partners. The ability to showcase our new products and advancements to some of our most valued connections, all in one place each year, is a unique opportunity.

Molly Aerhart and Josh Pringle

CO2Meter VP of Business Development Joshua Pringle with Molly Arehart from Helget Gas Products

Not only do we get the "wow" factor of demonstrating new devices, but we also get instantaneous feedback as well.

In addition to the overall conference, the IBDEA offers several break-out sessions designed to prepare members for the challenges in the industry as well as assist in helping to navigate everyday business obstacles. When you mix in the educational roundtable conversations, it really allows members to solicit feedback from the broader membership. Topics include current business obstacles, hands-on equipment training, as well as the important product expo.

The latter is CO2Meter's bread and butter.

CO2Meter has also been fortunate to create a unique exhibit experience at the IBDEA Expo by partnering with Southtek Systems and Chart Industries to create a unified approach for the members. Members can learn about beverage delivery systems from CO2 tanks to nitrogen generators to safety monitoring and detection.

View the CM-7000 Multi Sensor CO2 Safety System

CM-7000 CO2 Multi-Sensor System 

While each year provides new opportunities for CO2Meter, it was our first-time exhibiting with the highly anticipated new, CM-7000 Multi-Sensor CO2 Safety System. This system was designed to detect carbon dioxide levels in the ambient air to protect employees and workers in restaurant, beverage, brewing, agriculture and safety establishments. A crucial element for these industries is that CO2 monitors are required in most jurisdictions by code and regulation for anyone that stores or produces bulk CO2.

IBDEA members felt like they were able to gain an exclusive preview of the new safety monitoring system and its importance, as well as gather additional information on the SAN-13 - CO2 Leak Detector used to detect areas in which CO2 leaks can occur. 

SAN-13 CO2 Leak Detector

SAN-13 CO2 Leak Detector

CO2 suppliers, soda system installers, draft service technicians, and even other suppliers marveled at the continual advances in technology from CO2Meter.

I'd say we added a definitive WOW factor at IBDEA 2020. 

Overall, while attendance at this year's Tucson Conference was slightly depressed due to the current pandemic, members left knowing that they were taking back valuable industry information that would greatly assist them and their business this year and in the future.

Until Next Time! 

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