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My CO2 Meter Story - Product Review of K-33 ELG CO2 Data Logger

Posted by Mark Lemon on

K33 ELG Data Logger

I am a professor at a research university with a research interest in indoor air quality (IAQ). The CO2 meter is a must for IAQ studies, as CO2 measurements can be used to: indicate CO2 pollution level by comparing the US EPA guideline value; calculate air exchange rates to indicate the ventilation condition; and calculate fresh air supply to ensure occupants’ comforts.

I previously used a Hobo CO2 meter coupled with a Hobo data logger, but this combination requires complicated connections and is costly. A year ago, I searched CO2 meters on the market when I started a new project. In most IAQ field studies, an ideal CO2 meter should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Can measure CO2 concentration continuously, and have the ability to log the measurements for a long period.
  2. Can measure temperature and relative humidity simultaneously.
  3. Has a wide concentration range but still keep high resolution, precision and accuracy. The ideal range is 0-10,000 ppm.
  4. Can be easily connected to computer to download and manage the logs.
  5. Low cost, ideally below $500 USD each.
  6. An LCD screen is sometimes a negative as it will attract people to watch closely and thus the readings will increase due to breath. 
  7. Minimum buttons on the meters in case people touch it for curiosity.

After a thorough search, I found the K-33 ELG CO2 data logger on www.CO2meter.com had all the features I was looking for. The price was especially attractive at $350 and could be even lower if you buy more. Some extra upsides: 

  • It is totally quiet when it is logging
  • Downloading data is fast
  • The meter can be set up easily using the software

The only shortcoming I found is the USB to Serial Custom Cable. The end connecting the meter could be easy to break, and must be handled with care. I found a small flat head screw driver helped.

This meter has many applications in my IAQ studies. As an IAQ professional, I highly recommend this product.

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