Donation to Help Teach Legal Marijuana Growers in Michigan has donated a TIM10 and pSense RH to Oaksterdam University Flint, MI Campus as teaching tools to help students learn to grow medical marijuana.

The university was set up as the result of a 2009 Michigan State law that allows individuals to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes. It will teach best practices in growing and processing the plants, as well as the rules surrounding growing marijuana legally.

As part of the student's training, students will learn the latest techniques in hydroponics to maximize plant growth. Like all flowering plants, marijuana responds favorably to doubled carbon dioxide levels during the daylight growth cycle in the process known as photosynthesis. Although no marijuana will actually be grown at the university,'s products will be used to show that maximum CO2 levels are being produced by the hydroponics system on display.

"No matter what your opinion about marijuana as a drug, the fact is that Michigan has created a new law governing its use based on compassion. I can respect that, and was in a position to help," said Ray Hicks, President of

Watch a local news video of the pSense RH in use at Oaksterdam University.


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