CO2Meter Joins Illinois Restaurant Association

illinois restaurant association logo has joined the Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA). This association is made up of hundreds of Illinois restaurant operators, associate members, suppliers, instructors and students who have an interest in the food service industry.

CO2Meter became aware of the IRA after learning that beginning on January 1, 2015 a new law in Illinois will require any establishment storing CO2 for the purpose of dispensing carbonated beverages (including beer, wine, and soda) to have an operational CO2 storage safety alarm. Those owners failing to meet the code will incur a $500 fine for first time offenders.

In addition to their membership in the IRA, CO2Meter, Inc. is offering members a 10% discount on the RAD-0102 CO2 Storage Safety Meter, which will meet the code for less than the cost of the fine.

“I can’t think of anything more important than ensuring the safety of guests and employees" said Ray Hicks, President of CO2Meter, Inc. "You work every day to create a business that is a delight for your guests to patronize, a welcoming work environment for your employees, and is profitable for its owner. I wouldn’t want to flush that all down the drain because I didn’t meet a state code.”

CO2Meter, Inc. worked with the Illinois Boiler Code Division to get the RAD-0102 as an approved device that meets the code in Illinois. The RAD-0102 monitors ambient carbon dioxide levels and alarms if the device senses gas at or above Illinois’ prescribed safe levels allowing for patrons and employees to evacuate prior to any harm or injury.

“We have seen the worst case scenario too many times. A few dollars spent now will help to insure the safety and health of you, your customers, and your employees. And we are giving IRA members a discount on the device so they can meet the code for less than what their fine would be,” added Hicks.

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