Long Life CO2 Monitor Developed for U.S. Navy

co2 meter for u.s. navy

CO2Meter, Inc. Provides CO2 Data Logger to U.S. Navy for Expeditionary Shelters

The United States Navy has contracted with CO2Meter, Inc. to provide carbon dioxide monitoring devices to measure ambient CO2 levels in expeditionary shelters.

The CO2 monitors were designed under the direction of the U.S. Navy for meeting their required data logging and battery life criteria. The monitor will measure air quality over several weeks inside the portable shelters to give the Navy accurate data on CO2 exposure of military personnel. High levels of CO2 in enclosed areas have been shown to not only reduce personnel performance over time, but can indicate problems with HVAC fresh-air delivery systems.

“Satisfying a customer like the Navy is extremely difficult because of the strict budgetary and timing criteria. Our team was able to meet those challenges and deliver a product that exceeds their initial criteria,” said Ray Hicks, President of CO2Meter, Inc.

CO2Meter, Inc. completed the planning, testing, and production within the Navy’s given time frame. The Navy has completed the initial round of testing in the field with favorable results.

The meter is based on our popular CM-0018 data logger. It measures ambient carbon dioxide levels every 60 seconds and saves the data for later download. It can measure CO2 for more than 45 days on a single charge, making long term field experiments possible.

“While ambient CO2 level monitoring is not new, this device is new. The Navy’s criteria encouraged our designers to rethink our product’s limitations. This made for a great partnership between the U.S. Navy and our company that we hope to nurture over time,” added Hicks.

Posted by CO2 Meter on September 29, 2014.
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