New GasLab® Software Update Replaces DAS

gaslab free data logger software

CO2Meter has released a new version of GasLab®, our software designed for all CO2meter-supplied sensors, development kits and manufactured products. GasLab® replaces our Data Acquisition Software (DAS).

This latest version of GasLab® is the result of thousands of hours of programming and testing by our engineers. Every change is the result of customer comments on how we could improve the software. We feel that the evolution from our early SDKs to DAS to GasLab® has created a data analysis tool that brings a new level of power and simplicity to all our products.

GasLab® makes setup, calibration, data logging and analysis easy. You can view gas levels in real-time on screen, or export time-stamped data as a .CSV file that can be used in any industry-standard software or spreadsheet. Gaslab® also manages stored data logs on sensors with built-in memory, or data logs saved to your PC’s hard drive.

DAS users will especially appreciate the user-friendly graphical interface and the ease of use. You can run both DAS and GasLab® on the same PC.

Current GasLab® or DAS users can download the latest version of the software and the manual here.

GasLab® runs on Windows XP or higher, and is free to use with our products.

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