Creating the Most Effective Learning Environments

Yes, it’s Back-to-School Time – by Josh Pringle, Marketing Mgr.

Is anybody sitting on the beach during these last few weeks of summer thinking about how to make it last longer? Dreaming of their next vacation? Or perhaps wondering where the closest convenience store is so they can buy a lottery ticket and stay on vacation forever?

It is surprising that there are people thinking about the opposite: teachers and parents. It is after all, back-to-school time. The joys of summer are winding down. For teachers and parents, it's time to dust off the books and start school shopping again. There is no escape.

On a more serious note though, back-to-school time is also an excellent reminder that we send our children to school to learn and grow. Providing them with the best opportunities to learn is a basic hallmark of our society. Whether it’s joining the local PTA, volunteering to aid in your child's classroom, or by simply approving a school bond resolution; you can assist your schools in creating the best environment possible for our children to learn.

As the father of two, I am as involved as I can be in their school activities. They understand that their “job” in our family is to get good grades. My children want to go to college and create a future for themselves. I couldn’t be prouder.

But recently I realized I could do more.

As many of you know, CO2Meter has a significant customer base in higher and secondary education. Our nations teachers, professors, and researchers - along with their students - use our meters and sensors to conduct significant research all around the globe. We get excited when a professor calls and tells us “we just bought a couple of your CO2 sensors and plan to use them to test our environment." From the team at the University of Minnesota -  Duluth testing CO2 in atmospheric columns - to the students at Colorado State University that recently launched a CO2 sensor array to nearly 100,000 feet on a weather balloon - these young people are moving fundamental research in our society forward.

To highlight and utilize that research more effectively, and to aid in promoting healthier schools, I have personally joined two organizations that promote healthier and more productive learning environments.

School buildings with clean air give your kids amazing advantages you may not realize. I urge you to check them out.

You can also see the EPA’s toolkit for indoor air quality initiatives in primary and secondary schools here -

So take a moment in the next few weeks to ask yourself, "what can I do to help promote a healthier, more productive learning environment for the children?"

It’s time well spent. I promise.

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