CO2 Storage Safety Regulations in Phoenix Toughest in the Nation

co2 storage safety meter

by Josh Pringle, Marketing Director

I recently flew to Arizona to learn more about the new CO2 regulations in Phoenix. The city and surrounding areas have instituted what is widely considered to be “America’s toughest CO2 regulations” to ensure the safety and health of citizens and employees.

These regulations were instituted in response to a life-threatening incident. In May 2011 a manager at a McDonald’s in Phoenix ventured into the basement of her restaurant to check on some back stock. When she came back up the stairs she felt dizzy and collapsed at the top landing. 911 operators dispatched the fire department, and two of their responders encountered the same physical issues. The cause – a leaking CO2 storage tank.

2014 saw the release of CO2Meter's RAD-0102 Dual Relay CO2 Storage Safety Alarm designed specifically for this situation. The larger units goes in the room where the CO2 is stored to do the sensing work, while the smaller unit goes outside the room allowing employees and first responders to visually inspect the CO2 readings before entering the room.

The trip to Phoenix was to learn more about Phoenix’s Fire Code and what we can do to “supercharge” the RAD-0102 during our next build cycle to create a unit that exceeds the Phoenix code. We are working to create a unit that will satisfy the CO2 regulations that any state or municipality will create to ensure the safety of its citizens and safety officials.

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