Carbon Monoxide Kills 5 in Pennsylvania

2 adults and 3 children were killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in a cabin in Pennsylvania.

The County Coroner said the man, the woman and the children apparently died in their sleep from toxic levels of carbon monoxide sometime over a Friday night. The cabin owner, who slept in a nearby truck, discovered the deaths Saturday morning.

The CO was caused by an improperly ventilated propane heater.

The mother of two of the children left the cabin at around 5am Saturday morning. She was not affected by the carbon monoxide.

This tragedy could have been avoided. Modern open flame heaters have CO alarms that cut the gas supply when more than 25ppm of CO are detected. In addition, European countries require carbon dioxide alarms that cut the gas supply when more than 5,000ppm (0.5%) CO2 is detected. These levels are referenced in ISO 12039: 2001 ANSI Standards for Stationary Source Emissions.

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