FRACCA Membership, Conference Breaks HVAC Stereotypes

Ray Hicks, President of CO2Meter and Josh Pringle, Marketing Director presented “Why your customers are asking about CO2” to a group of about 30 FRACCA members on Friday, March 14 at the annual Florida Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (FRACCA) education conference in Orlando.

When most people think of HVAC, they think of an air conditioning guy show up in dirty pants and a stained work shirt with “Joe” on it. These are NOT the people that Ray and Josh presented to. Instead, these were serious business owners there to learn about the latest trends in the HVAC industry - from insulation materials and crane safety - to workers compensation claims and HAZMAT communications.

During the presentation, Ray and Josh covered what CO2 is, how it is produced in the home, and how CO2 can be detected and measured. They explained what CO2 meters can do for the HVAC community, demonstrating the savings customers can expect when switching to CO2-driven Demand Control Ventilation, the return on investment versus solar, and the wide range of devices that can be used to detect and monitor CO2 in a home or office.

The session focused on information, not sales. Some questions were as simple as “Is CO2 heavier than the air?” “The short answer is yes,” noted Ray before giving a more detailed scientific explanation.

Our team looks forward to participating with FRACCA in the future and to assisting these dedicated business owners in growing their business.

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