Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Thank you to the more than 300 CO2Meter, Inc. customers that responded to our January 2014 Customer Survey.

We know surveys can be annoying, so we purposely kept ours short and to the point. Here are some of the things we’ve learned:

  • 75% of you initially found us using a Google search (down 7% from 2011)
  • 60% of you take 1-2 days to decide on a product. The rest take weeks (or even months)
  • More than 78% of you had an “Excellent” or “Above Average” perception of our products
  • Our Customer Service quality is 10% higher than our last survey
  • Best of all, you told us that 97% of you would recommend - or have recommended - our products to a friend or colleague.

But the percentages were only part of the results. We received dozens of suggestions from you, and are reviewing them all. As a result, we're looking at nearly every facet of our business from product design to software application notes to marketing communications and customer service. We are taking your comments to heart in order to improve your opinion of us next time around.

As promised, we selected a random customer to win a $250 credit. Congratulations to Colleen Wall, who is seeking her M.S. in Chemical Oceanography from Oregon State University. Coleen and her team are working to develop an Autonomous Drifting CO2 Measurement System.

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