New Portable Sensor Kit Makes Remote CO2 Monitoring Easy has announced a Portable Sensor Kit designed to remotely collect carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity levels for days, weeks or months at a time.

CO2 Sensor

The K-33 Portable Sensor Kit (PSK) “wakes up”, records CO2, temperature and %RH levels, and powers itself down again. It can be configured to record once a minute up to once every 18 hours, and can store 5,200 time-stamped data records in memory. Inside the PSK are the three low-powered sensors and four AA batteries, making it a completely self-contained unit smaller than a paper-backed book.

Available in two models, the K-33 ELG PSK measures environmental carbon dioxide levels up to 10,000ppm, while the K-33 BLG version can measure up to 30% (300,000ppm) CO2 concentrations for biological or industrial applications. The NDIR dual-beam infrared CO2 sensors are designed to achieve maximum accuracy over long periods of time.

Available for the PSK is a Software Interface Kit. The kit includes a USB cable and an application to configure the PSK, to view the stored data as a graph, and to save it as a spreadsheet for analysis. Included are full source code libraries so that user can create their own custom desktop applications.

The K-33 Portable Sensor Kit was developed by Ray Hicks, President of, to meet the needs of researchers, scientists, and engineers looking for a cost-effective portable gas detector that was easy to use in the field.

“These sensors open up whole new possibilities for research,” said Hicks. “I’m getting calls every day from scientists and engineers working on global warming, atmospheric studies, crop studies, alternative fuels, carbon sequestration and a host of other technologies where these new sensors will be invaluable.”

Click here for more information or to purchase the Environmental-Logger Portable Sensor Kit

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Posted by CO2 Meter on August 19, 2009.
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