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CO2 Storage Safety Monitor Meets Increasing Requirements for Dual Alarms, Personal Exposure Limit

Posted by Josh Pringle on

Did you know bars and restaurants use bulk CO2 storage tanks to push soda and beer through their beverage dispensing systems?

Every time you sip a Coke or knock back a pint at your local watering hole that establishment is using CO2 to push that beverage from the back room, through a line/hose, and out the tap.

Did you also know that twenty seven states currently have regulations detailing the safe storage and monitoring of CO2? Most of these states are requiring any business (mainly bars, restaurants and venues) to have a CO2 monitoring device in or near the area where the CO2 is stored.

Why is CO2 storage safety important? Imagine a fast-food restaurant employee is asked to go into the room where the CO2 is stored. Now suppose a CO2 tank fitting has been leaking all night. When that employee walks in that room they could instantly be knocked unconscious by the CO2. However, with a CO2 Storage Safety Alarm, the employee would see the alarm before they opened the door.

That's why we're offer the RAD-0102 Dual Relay CO2 Storage Safety Alarm. This meter has both audible and visual alarms as well as 2 built-in relays can trigger the alarms at different user-defined CO2 levels to control a ventilation fan and to remotely notify maintenance staff of high CO2 levels.

In addition, the RAD-0102 meets OSHA, IFC and NFPA code requirements for CO2 alarms in restaurants, bars and breweries. You can be assured you'll pass when the building safety code officer comes to your business.

CO2Meter is constantly working to stay abreast of federal and local regulations regarding CO2. We are diligent about this information because it guides the design, development, and manufacturing of new products to assist our partners in solving for their most critical needs – the safety and well-being of their employees and customers.

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