CO2 Storage Safety Meter Measures Oxygen Depletion Too

co2 gas safety meter

- CO2 and Oxygen Monitor
- Remote Sensor
- 2 Audible & Visible Alarms
- 2 Relays

The Remote CO2 + Oxygen Storage Safety Dual Alarm is designed monitor both carbon dioxide and oxygen levels around compressed carbon dioxide, or for those who need to monitor oxygen depletion in enclosed areas.

Use one relay to control a fan for fresh air, and the second relay to alert offsite or emergency workers.

We offer 2 models of the Remote Storage Safety Dual Alarm: one with CO2 + Oxygen, and one with all the same features, but with a CO2 sensor only.

CO2 + Oxygen Dual Relay, Dual Alarm

CO2 Only with Dual Relay, Dual Alarm

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