Advantages of Solid State NDIR Sensors White Paper

solid state ndir co2 sensorDr. Des Gibson(CEO) and Calum MacGregor(Operations Director) at GSS have published a technical document on the advantages of Solid State NDIR sensors compared to conventional NDIR sensors especially when used in applications for wireless and portable devices. The solid state NDIR sensors have an ultra-low power requirement and fast switch-on time which have been proven to be ideal in battery and energy harvesting applications.

GSS CO2 sensors are currently available in the following ranges:

COZIR Ambient: With measurement ranges of 0-2,000ppm, 0-5,000ppm and 0-1%, ambient CO2 sensors are suitable for applications such as HVAC, IAQ, LEED, horticulture and building control.

COZIR Wide-range: Higher CO2 levels are employed for industrial process control applications, personal safety, CO2 storage, biological incubators and more with measurement ranges between 5% and 100%.

SPRINTIR: At 20 readings per second, the SPRINTIR is ideal for applications requiring real-time analysis for divers, capnography and live subject testing.

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