SenseAir CO2 Sensor Compares Favorably Against Vaisala CO2 Probe

A university study has found the SenseAir K-33 BLG 30% CO2 + RH/T and K-33 ELG 1% CO2 + RH/T data-logging environmental sensors gave similar results to a Vaisala CO2 Probe in both testing and real-world experiments. The study was conducted by a team of Environmental Engineering Researchers from the University of California, Merced. They were looking for a lower cost alternative...
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The Unicorn in Brewing

by Josh Pringle If you're a brewer, whether you call it the “Magic Bullet” or the “Holy Grail” is your choice. We choose to refer to it as the “Unicorn” of brewing because nobody has ever seen one, but everybody wants it to exist. What is the unicorn? It is a sensor you can put INTO beer to measure the CO2 concentration. ...
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CO2 Controller for Grow Rooms, Greenhouses Updated

Our CO2 Controller for grow rooms and greenhouses has added 2 new features: advanced hysteresis logic to save energy and CO2, and the ability to control a ventilation fan when CO2 levels get too high. These new features make it perfect for both indoor growers and for mushroom farms. The Day Night CO2 Monitor & Controller for Greenhouses (RAD-0501) has...
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Use Python to Talk to CO2 Probe

Recently we had a customer contact us regarding opening a serial connection via Python to our CM-0039 CO2 Probe. The Probe is a ruggedized enclosure for our SenseAir CO2 sensors that allow USB tethered, real-time reading of CO2 levels from a PC. While we don’t have any pre-written Python code to talk to the Probe, with a bit of work,...
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2016 Craft Beer Expo Recap

by Melyssia Sandiago We have a winner! The team of Bob Whyte, Rob Whyte and Tom McGregor from the Fort Myers Brewing Company won this handsome Brandenburger Tor beer stein at the Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo May 6th. You can see more images we took on Facebook. The Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo was a HUGE success, not only...
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CO2 Measurement Range - Why it Matters

With all the various carbon dioxide meters, monitors and sensors we offer, it may feel overwhelming to choose between them. That’s why one of the first questions we ask a client who calls is, “What are you trying to measure?” This question helps us determine the range of CO2 levels you’ll want to measure, which narrows down the list of...
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UV Flux and Piccolo2 Oxygen Sensors Compared

The UV Flux oxygen sensor module from CO2Meter uses a LuminOx LOX-02 optical sensor. It is an excellent sensor for the price, but how does it compare to a much more expensive oxygen sensor like the Piccolo2 sensor by PyroScience? This was the question raised by Heinz Surbeck, President of Nucfilm GmbH in Switzerland. Mr Surbeck is a physicist working...
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CO2 Safety Alarm Installation at Ormond Brewing Company

Ormond Brewing Company is near the CO2Meter headquarters, so we were delighted when the decided to install our RAD-0102 Remote CO2 Storage Safety Dual Alarm. In fact, we were so delighted that we not only helped them with the installation, but sampled some of their great beer afterwards. Watch the video below.
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CO2Meter Team Meets at Local Brewery for Education, Fun

by Melyssia Santiago, Director of Sales CO2Meter team members in Florida recently had the opportunity to see and learn how carbon dioxide is used throughout the brewing process, and have some fun too. CO2Meter sponsored a meeting of the Volusia Manufacturing Association (VMA) at the Ormond Brewing Company in Ormond Beach, Florida. Formed in 2011 by local home brewing enthusiasts, Ormond...
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OSHA-Compliant CO2 Storage Safety Alarms on Sale

Originally $425.00. Now $329.00 while they last.  When we originally offered CO2 storage safety alarms, they were required to meet OSHA regulations. As a result, our RAD-0100 Remote CO2 Storage Safety Alarm with a single relay was one of our most popular products. Recently, several states and local municipalities have adopted more stringent CO2 safety codes that require a different...
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