Battery-Powered Sensor Measures CO2, Temperature, Humidity unveils affordable, open source data-logging sensor for indoor and outdoor applications Scientists, environmental and agricultural engineers who need to measure indoor and outdoor changes in carbon dioxide levels now have a new tool available with the introduction of the K-33 CO2 sensor. The K-33 is a low-power sensor that measures carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity. Up to 5,400...
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High levels of CO2 in soil can harm your health

Can carbon dioxide in the ground poison you? We ask an expert to find out. Recently I received a call from a customer who claimed that every time it rained, the pilot light on his furnace went out, and he got so sick he was unable to leave the house. An HVAC specialist determined it was CO2 in the basement....
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pSense saves money for Shedd Aquarium

Portable propane heaters used on a construction site at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago were generating huge quantities of CO2, causing problems throughout the rest of the building. The contractor denied that the open-flame heaters were causing any problems until Kyle Greenfield at Consulex purchased a pair of pSense hand-held CO2 meters from The meters instantly showed CO2 levels...
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NASA compiles list of best plants to clean indoor air

NASA research scientists have announced that the common indoor plant may provide a natural way of helping combat sick building syndrome. Based on the use of common indoor plants for indoor air purification, NASA studied about a dozen popular varieties of ornamental plants to determine their effectiveness in removing several key pollutants associated with indoor air pollution. NASA research found...
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CO2 Meters Improve Indoor Gardening

Indoor growers have long known the benefits of increasing carbon dioxide levels in greenhouses. Carbon dioxide, light, and water are all necessary for photosynthesis, the chemical reaction that creates plant growth. Studies have shown that even when optimum levels of light, water and nutrients are available, plant growth will still be limited by the amount of carbon dioxide available during...
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Can the TIM10 work for LEED certification?

We receive several calls a week asking if the TIM10 indoor air quality meter can serve as a low-cost alternative to wall-mounted CO2 sensors controlling variable air-flow devices for LEED certification, as defined by the U.S. Green Building Council. The LEED specification treats CO2 as the “canary in the mineshaft” for air quality. Studies repeatedly show that an increase in...
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Portable Power for TIM10 and TIM12

We’ve used this 12VDC auto adapter set to 5VDC and a portable 12VDC NiCad car starter to run both the TIM10 Desktop CO2, Temperature & Humidity Monitor and the TIM12 Air Quality Monitor with data logging. With this configuration, it is easy to take the TIM10 or TIM12 outdoors to measure CO2 for classroom projects, for example. This adapter (unlike...
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